What is Remarketing?

David Escolano

Written by David Escolano

Remarketing is a Google Adwords solution that allows us to show ads to those users who have visited our portal and have not carried out any conversion.

In order to use remarketing, we must add a remarketing tag to the pages we want to promote. This tag is the one that will tell Adwords to save in a certain list the cookie ID of each visit to later show them the ad, without the possibility of doing so to other users who are outside the list.

How Adwords remarketing works




Remarketing can be an effective solution for portals interested in increasing sales, registrations, or even those who want to promote brand image.

Types of remarketing

Depending on the portal, the company’s objectives and the type of campaign, we can use the following types of remarketing:

  • Dynamic Remarketing: This type of remarketing is only available to advertisers who have a Google Merchant Center account. Displays dynamic ads taking into account Google Merchant Center search features.
  • Remarketing for the Display Network: ads are shown to those users who browse the Internet.
  • Remarketing lists for Search Network ads: ads will be shown to users of our site who search through Google.

One of the most interesting advantages of remarketing is to be able to access those users who have visited our portal and have shown interest in the company’s products or services. That is why the ads shown through remarketing have a higher probability of conversion, hence it is presented as one more option within the possibilities offered by Google Adwords.

On the other hand, it is recommended to use remarketing in an intelligent way as we may tire our target audience. To avoid this situation , it is recommended not to exceed the cookie expiration date.

Let’s see, how many of you have been pursued for a certain time by an advertisement of a portal on which we have made a purchase? I imagine a few. It is like having chewing gum stuck on the sole of your shoe and no matter how many attempts you make it is difficult to remove, and ends up being very annoying.

For those who have not yet tried remarketing, I recommend its use, but in moderation.

Are you up for remarketing?

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