Royal-Berl: The PPC revolution

Fernando Maciá

Written by Fernando Maciá

Mai Molina (@MaiMolina_), Traffic Acquisition at Stradivarius, talks about the use of Royal-Berl from her own experience with the system.

The Royal-Berl is a system with which we get better costs and more conversions in Google Ads.

Mai Molina at Clinic Summit

Bidding system

Mai Molina uses the automatic system of maximizing clicks to open up opportunities to achieve conversions. The more clicks, the more conversions, as long as you do the rest afterwards. You lower the CPC from 70-80% of the keyword with the highest bid and you can add eCPC with a small daily budget, there will even be times when you won’t even spend the entire daily budget.

Why doesn’t it work the same as Target CPA or ROAS? The problem is that your goal is to limit conversion in order to reach your stated target. Costs, according to Molina, are better with Royal-Berl.

Why doesn’t it work the same as Maximize Conversions? Because it can greatly increase the CPC.

Broad concordance

Unmodified. Semantic topics or variants are inserted into the ad groups in pure broad agreement following a categorized structure. Mai Molina points out that Google knows your search intentionality, for Google relevance is important. With broad match we can include from 5 to 15 keywords related to each other. Google gives other variants to bid on.

Does broad matching work? Yes, defends Mai. Warning: it is not enough to set the system to wide and that’s it. If everything is set to wide, the Quality Score drops. But the CPC is low and converts to a great CPA.

Very low CPC

Molina explains how the CPC makes a wall so that the broad ones do not diversify too much. As it has a low CPC, it does not go for general keywords, it looks for relevant long tail, which helps it even more with the conversion.

The same cost can be achieved with twice as many clicks and many more conversions. The CPA goes down, so the investment goes down.


The standard method of structuring campaigns in exact and BMN and cross-denials between them must be forgotten.

Optimization of the Royal Berl

  • Increasing CPC, getting negatives in, not restricting with audiences, not moving to target CPA or ROAS, experimenting with maximum conversions, creating campaigns with good keywords to Royal Park. There is no need to put refusals because Google does it very well.
  • The Royal-Berl is a tractor that goes with everything… Maximum conversions with low CPC.
  • Royal-Park is the same as Royal-Berl in accuracy. If we remove the core keyword from the group, it may not be worth taking it out of Royal-Berl. This is something to keep in mind.
  • Decrease in invalid clicks. Since we are going long-tail, the bots do not go for such generic keywords. It is good.
  • There are other limitations, it does not work well in very local segmentations: for example, Madrid or Barcelona. Many tests have been performed during the study. Be careful with seasonal campaigns. When the Royal Berl runs out of volume it works worse. The CPC must be lowered further and then gradually raised.
  • CPA from 60 to 12€.
  • Keywords in RB are like life: they always find a crack through which to continue advancing.
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