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Antoni Saurina

Written by Antoni Saurina

The AMP initiative to improve the speed of web pages on mobile devices goes beyond user interaction with content. The project team specified some basic principles so that the ads, which after all are part of the content of the web page, would work correctly without slowing down the speed.

AMP includes advertisements in its initiative.

The importance of ad loading speed is very important on mobile devices, as it is possible for the user to pass the ad without it being displayed. It is even more crucial for interactive ads or videos, since their size is significantly larger than images, and the possibility of not being viewed is greater. With AMP, formulas are being sought to improve the loading of this type of ads and thus achieve an increase in viewing and interaction with advertising.

Slow loading of ads may make it impossible to view them.

Flying carpet advertisementIn addition, new ways of displaying ads are being considered so that they are integrated into the web and are not intrusive. These include the “flying carpet” format that displays an image or other type of content quickly and effectively. The user normally navigates through the page and integrated in the content is an ad that catches the eye because of the visual effect it uses. We can see how it works in the attached image.

Google recently conducted a study with 150 publishers to compare those websites that had AMP implemented and those that did not, and to detect possible differences. The results have been quite remarkable for sites that included AMP. More than 80% of publishers saw ad viewability rates increase. In addition, more than 90% also saw an increase in their CTR and user engagement. Therefore, by applying AMP, better response times are achieved when displaying ads, thus increasing their display rate and user engagement with the advertising creatives.


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Antoni Saurina
Antoni Saurina
Former Head of the Online Advertising Department at Human Level. Graduated in Technical Engineering in Computer Management. Specialist in web development and PPC/SEM with certification in Google AdWords and Bing Ads.

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