Google Ads account audit

We detect opportunities in your account to increase your profitability.

Analyze, discover, align, optimize

We detect the opportunities for improving your Google Ads account and we deliver them to you in a report, then you decide whether we get to work on the changes or you carry them out on your own.

Why perform a Google Ads audit?

We help you achieve the highest profitability

  • Audience, campaign and results analysis
  • Detection of improvement points
  • Detection of opportunities
  • Detailed report of optimizations

What is a Google Ads account audit?

What our service includes


We check if the tracking tags are correctly installed on the website, if Analytics is linked and if the conversion goals are aligned with the customer.

Account architecture

We check to see if an MCC or Merchant Center account is required. Whether the structure of campaigns and ad groups, ads and extensions are effective and whether KW Research was targeted.

Target audience

Are the audience lists target-oriented? Are the language and location settings ideal for the achievement of objectives?

Budget and optimization

We review if the bidding strategies and investment per campaign are the most efficient and if the account is up to date with the latest technical developments.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you do the technical implementations of the improvements?

It depends on your needs, we can do the audit and provide you with a report of the improvements detected for you to take care of, or we can include the implementation of the improvements in our service for your account.

Normally, a Google Ads account audit can be done in a period of approximately 3 to 5 days. This is an addition to the delivery of the report of improvements found and the technical implementations if you have chosen us to carry them out.