Bing Ads campaign management

The other profitability search engine.

New audience, advertise, sell, grow

Discover an additional audience to sell to. Maybe part of your target audience is browsing on Bing. Find them, offer them your products or services and increase the turnover of your business according to a clear order of priorities. Improving your turnover is only the result of a thorough analysis, an accurate diagnosis and a careful implementation.

Why trust us to manage your Bing Ads campaigns?

Growing with you based on results

  • We advise you on your initial investment
  • We create your optimal campaign strategy
  • We increase your turnover
  • We raise your return on investment

What is Bing Ads account management?

What our service includes

Investment study

We analyze the current searches of your target audience and propose an initial investment that we believe can achieve your objectives.

Target audience study

We make sure to show your ads to the most profitable audience for your investment by analyzing search terms, audiences and socio-demographic profiles.

Choice of campaigns

We study what kind of campaigns will make your investment profitable and implement them, taking into account your target audience and your business.

Qualified traffic generation

We make sure that we get enough qualified visitors per day to satisfy a standard conversion rate for your website.

Optimization and sustainable growth

We reach in the shortest possible time a profitable cost per acquisition or return on investment, and we suggest raising the investment on it.

Adaptation to new strategies

Bing Ads is also expanding its catalog of campaigns, so we will continue to investigate what new actions we can activate for your account.

Our process

This is what it’s like to work with us

We are experts in Bing Ads but you are an expert in your business. Continuous communication, proximity and transparency is in our DNA.

  1. Initial meeting

    We need to fully understand your business before preparing your campaigns.
  2. Bing Ads campaign set up

    We create the campaign structure that we believe is ideal for your business on the Bing advertising platform.
  3. Campaign activation meeting

    Before pressing play, we will meet with you and together we will make sure that we are consistent in what we say in the ads.
  4. Data collection week

    When the campaigns have been active long enough to obtain data, we meet again to review their evolution.
  5. We follow the hero’s journey together

    We will continue to work together to optimize campaigns, you will receive monthly reports and we will meet weekly to compare data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question we haven’t answered? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Is there enough volume for my business on Bing Ads?

Let us study it. Certainly, the volume found in this search engine is much lower, but so are the costs. Many of our clients who had ruled out this option are surprised by the profitability achieved with our recommendations. If part of your audience is outside of Spain and speaks English, it is very likely that we can find them with Bing Ads.

No. It is shared management, we simply add the two investments and charge you according to a single table that you will find in the management proposal. Investing in both is an advantage!