Rubén Martínez

Rubén Martínez
Former SEO consultant at Human Level. Graduated in Technical Engineering in Computer Management. Specialist in technical SEO. Certified in Google AdWords.
Rubén Martínez

How to optimize internal links in SEO

Optimizing internal links in SEO is a task that will not require a long time and that will bring to your website a more coherent information architecture and therefore a higher quality in navigation.

How to optimize product pages on mobile devices to sell more

Optimizing product cards on mobile to improve the user’s shopping experience in your eCommerce requires paying attention to a series of crucial points that will make the difference between success or failure. In this article, we follow Google’s guidelines to propose a list of improvements that will undoubtedly help you to improve your product pages.

SEO and Web Accessibility

It is often said that Google is the richest blind user in the world. Keep in mind that Google’s robot does not see, so it crawls a website in a similar way to a blind person, it needs the alternative text of an image to know what information it provides.

How to increase CTR with quality snippets

The CTR or Click Through Rate in SEO is the percentage of clicks with respect to the impressions of a search engine result. This concept is directly related to the effectiveness of a campaign and is a clear indicator of the interest shown by users in a campaign, as well as …

How to improve the indexing of a website on Google

For a website to appear in the search results of a Google user, the prerequisite is that the pages of that site are included in the search engine’s index. Explained in a very general way, the process by which Google is able to display results after a query, is divided into three main phases:

Campaigns that go beyond the Internet wall

The process of humanization of online marketing is the path that a company should follow to enhance the most emotional aspects of its campaigns, so that it achieves much more than customer satisfaction.