Maite Beltrán

Maite Beltrán
Former Head of Online Advertising at Human Level. Graduated in Business Administration and Management. Specialist in digital marketing and online advertising with certification in Google AdWords.
Maite Beltrán

Differences between SEO and SEM

Nowadays I realize that when I talk to people who are not “in this world” but have heard something about SEO and SEM, they still don’t know the difference between one and the other. In this article I will try to explain in a simple way the difference between SEO and SEM positioning. Let’s start by defining them.

6 ways to lower your CPC by optimizing your landing page

If you want a low cost Google Adwords campaign with which you can achieve a high number of conversions at the same time, you have to do a lot of things right: You have to have a well structured campaign with the right number of keywords. You need to create “magnetic” ads and increase CTR. Also…

Understanding the AdWords quality score

When we start using Google AdWords, something to keep in mind is the so-called quality score. We should use it as an account diagnostic tool, not as a KPI. In this article I explain in a simple way why it is important to be attentive to it….

Facebook automation tools to manage your ads more easily

Automation is a somewhat controversial topic as it has many detractors and at the same time many advocates. However, he has been “with us” in the online marketing industry for some time now. If you’ve ever created automatic reports, used bidding rules, or have…