David Escolano

David Escolano
Former SEO consultant at Human Level. Graduated in Business Administration and Management. Subsequently, he completed a Master's Degree in Commercial and Marketing Management, a Master's Degree in Mobile Expert and a Master's Degree in Web Analytics. Specialist in SEO and digital marketing.
David Escolano

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is a Google Adwords solution that allows us to show ads to those users who have visited our portal and have not carried out any conversion. In order to use remarketing, we must add a remarketing tag to the pages we want to promote. This tag is the one that will tell Adwords to […]

Optimization of a Google Ads landing page

In Google Ads the landing page is the first step to achieve a conversion, so it is necessary to pay the utmost importance if we want a user to register in our form, make a purchase or even call us on the phone. To do this we must take into account a number of factors […]

Farewell to the Google Ads Keyword Tool

The keyword tool has left us. Well, rather, Google has decided to terminate its role. A pity, because it was the meeting point for SEOs and Adwords managers, where they all converged in search of the term with the highest traffic potential to use it on their websites or in their Adwords ads. But what […]

Image extension for AdWords ads

Google recently announced the launch of a new extension for Google Ads, the image extension, which allows advertisers to display images in text ads at the top of search results. Undoubtedly, this extension will make Google Ads ads much more attractive, improving the quality of the visit and, therefore, increasing the conversion rate. On the […]

Differences between Google Adwords and Adwords Express

We all know that Google Adwords is Google’s advertising program where we can create online ads both in its Search and Display Network and reach our target audience. Well, do we know the difference between Google Adwords and Adwords Express? Let’s say that Adwords Express is roughly speaking the little brother of Google Adwords, that […]

How to add your company logo to YouTube videos

YouTube continues to make changes and in this case, I admit I like it. It now allows us to add our company logo on the channel’s videos, thus reinforcing the branding. Steps to achieve our goal: 1. Log in to your YouTube account 2. Drop down the menu below our name and go to “Settings”. […]

SEO in international portals: Fernando Maciá at the Virtual Shops Fair

A few weeks ago we shared with you Fernando Maciá ‘s presentation on International Search Engine Optimization that took place at the VII Virtual Shops Fair of Walqa, in Huesca. Well, this time we want to do the same with the video of this presentation. Remember that the presentation deals with the problems that arise […]