Anastasia Kurmakaeva

Anastasia Kurmakaeva
Former SEO consultant and translator at Human Level. She is a specialist in translation and SEO, with a special focus on the Yandex search engine. She is fluent in Russian, Spanish and English, being fully bilingual in the first two.
Anastasia Kurmakaeva

How to improve SEO through customer reviews

It’s not news or a secret: search engines also look at what your customers say about you. We explain how reviews contribute to SEO, what tools you can use to set them up on your website and the impact of negative reviews.

How to search and select domains for link building

The off-page optimization of a website includes several techniques that, as the name suggests, focus on improving the SEO at the level of popularity and authority of a portal. In this post we show you how to search and select domains to get links for your portal.

Strategies for generating link baiting opportunities

Creating exceptionally valuable content that people want to link to and promote on a massive scale is not easy. There is no formula, nor are there specific steps to follow to achieve it. But we can give you some tips that will help you to create linkable content.

Obsolete SEO practices that we should not implement

To this day we still find cases of websites that continue to use on-page and off-page SEO practices that have become completely obsolete, some of them more recently, and others that have had zero relevance for some years now. In this article we will try to compile the most important ones.

Fighting for position 0 in a mobile-only world: Fernando Maciá’s presentation at SMXL Milan 2017

On November 15, Fernando Maciá presented his paper“Fighting for position 0 in a mobile-only world” at one of the most important annual digital marketing events in Europe, SMXL Milan 2017. Mobile search is substantially impacting the way we use the Internet, and how we search for information, products or services. Search engines are rapidly adapting […]

A basic guide to web usability adapted to SEO

In this article we will explore the basic aspects of usability that are fundamental to a website’s SEO. Although the concepts of “SEO” and “usability” do not seem a priori to be closely related, the truth is that nowadays these two disciplines could be considered practically inseparable in the web environment.