Native English-speaking Junior SEO

Job offer for Junior SEO

As part of its international expansion Diario AS seeks an experienced, native English-speaking journalist to develop ideas for articles and identify trends and information, managing a range of different sources and media tools. A knowledge of SEO rules to promote content is important.

You will be part of the SEO team focused on building audience in the USA, based around the high-quality content users are looking for. The role is based on finding trends and reacting quickly to create content in line with SEO techniques that captures readers, and then drives loyalty for the further expansion of the site.


  1. Native English speaker
  2. Journalism experience, with a proven catalogue of articles and features
  3. Ability to write about different topics, for example: US sports, politics, entertainment, lifestyle, etc
  4. Basic SEO knowledge: how to write for SEO, how to find trends and information for search

Job details

  1. 36 hours per week, with shifts from midnight to 07:00 (The shift times may be moved for major events)
  2. 2 working weekends per month (On those weeks, Thursday and Friday will not be worked)
  3. 22 days vacations annually
  4. Public holidays will be working days, with those days added to total vacations (15 days annually)

If you fit the aforementioned requirements, we have a job position for you. Do not think any further and submit your CV now to [email protected].

* You can attach any references with your application, such as your personal website, LinkedIn profile or anything else you consider interesting to mention. An Iberian ‘Pata Negra’ Ham or a gift card for a spa session are also welcome. We cannot assure you this will help you get the job, but you will most certainly receive our most sincere thanks 😉

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