In-company SEO training

Human Level’s in-company SEO courses are training sessions adapted to the specific needs of every client, and are usually conducted within their own facilities. In-company courses are the most effective option to ensure an optimal and homogeneous learning process for tech teams or managers and executives, covering the latest trends in SEO, web analytics, online advertising and digital marketing.

SEO courses

These courses are conducted on-site, requiring personal attendance of all interested parties. We adapt the topics and duration of the session(s) to each company’s specific needs.

How do we do this?

  • One of senior consultants will personally come to your facilities to impart in one or more sessions all the necessary knowledge on SEO fundamentals, or provide advanced and solid skills so you can become self-sufficient in managing your website’s positioning in search engines.
  • We will analyse your website and your main competitors’ websites, to adapt our examples and strategies to your industry and competition.
  • We will provide high-quality learning material (presentations, practical guides, checklists, etc.), so that you can always review any subject you need in the future.
  • Depending on the subject, we will prepare some practice exercises, so that all attendees can test their knowledge and identify their struggles.

Training and selection of staff

The learning material of this training session will depend on what the client requires. Some of the in-company courses we’ve already imparted are on the subjects of indexability, SEO-oriented content marketing, SEO for media publishers, information architecture, digital marketing plan, or web analytics.

How do we do this?

  • We can train staff members, or previously hired candidates. However, we can also deal with the reception and filtering of résumés, first-round interviews to candidates, and pre-selection. This way our clients will choose the final candidate that is more guaranteed to be suitable for the position.
  • Depending on the client’s requirements, our consultants will propose a specific training plan. We will identify what are the main skills and competences candidates must acquire, and we will adapt our training to these topics.
  • We will accompany your team in their day to day work, helping them to make the best decisions, and explaining to them why some options are better than other alternative solutions, so that they become increasingly autonomous.

Clients who have already enjoyed our in-company training

    • Caixa Galicia, A Coruña.
    • Solmicro, Bilbao.
    • AB Server, Elche.
    • Informarkt, Murcia.
    • G+J, Madrid.
    • Tres Tristes Tigres, Alicante.
    • Motorpress Ibérica, Barcelona.
    • Pikolinos, Elche.
    • Radio Gladys Palmera, Barcelona.
    • ICE Salud, Barcelona.
    •, Madrid.
    • Grupo El Derecho/Quantor, Madrid.
    • Dosal Proyectos, Alicante.
    • Segittur, Madrid
    • Germaine de Capuccini, Alicante.
    • Panama Jack, Elche.
    • Unidad Editorial (El Mundo), Madrid.
    • Grupo PRISA (, Madrid.
    • Etnyka, Madrid.
    •, online.
    • Grupo V Editorial, Madrid.
    • SEMrush, online.

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