HLC Training: online marketing courses

Training: online marketing courses
Constant training is one of the most important assets for any business. It’s always a safe investment, and every organisation knows it, hence the increased investment in in-company education observed in the last few years.

Human Level’s SEO training services (@HLFormacion) provide in-company courses and online courses, with the first ones being on-site, and the latter ones being online, catering to different needs, in an attempt to adapt to all types of clients.

Human Level Training is composed of a highly qualified team with a broad experience teaching SEO to business executives and managers. We adapt our teaching material to our clients’ level, covering everything from the very basics to the most advanced techniques, depending on their needs.

Digital marketing training courses

Human Level’s online marketing courses cover a wide range of disciplines within the field. Presently, the most demanded career choices are all related to the Internet and online media, and being a competent specialist is quickly becoming the priority for more and more managers, employees, students and freelance workers. For that reason, our online digital marketing courses span everything from social media to SEO, including web analytics, e-commerce, web development and programming.

Human Level’s digital marketing courses have a perfectly detailed plan, including a comprehensive list with links and bibliography. Moreover, you will be able to download the video sessions with the teacher, all the documentation used during the course, as well as an extended version, so you don’t forget a single detail of everything you have learnt. Easy, right?

Our online marketing courses are not canned video recordings, but streaming sessions, where students can see both the presentation and the teacher explaining the lecture. Anyone can interact with the teacher to request a further explanation or ask a question throughout the session. These courses are imparted outside of normal working hours in Spain, which allows for an easier following from other countries as well, including Latin America.

Our digital marketing courses methodology

Human Level’s digital marketing courses are highly practical. Our unique advantage is based on making two sessions for each course: first a theory session, to acquire specific knowledge of the subject, and then a practice session, to solve the proposed exercises, and to see questions previously sent in by the students.

This procedure enables you to make the most of every minute spent with our online marketing experts, and to finish the course being able to apply newly acquired knowledge to real scenarios.

Cursos de analítica web

Web analytics

Web analytics is an essential component of online marketing training, and not only for businesses whose strategy is based on the Internet. Big brands, self-employed workers, SMEs, media outlets and even bloggers are all aware of the advantages the analysis of insights and web analytics can bring. Web analytics courses will help you to become more self-sufficient, and to make business decisions based on data instead of intuition.

Find out what web analytics is with Human Level Training and design or improve your online marketing strategy.


Every year more and more users shop online, which is making traditional businesses to start considering taking the plunge into e-commerce. To ensure a successful transition, it’s important to go through a specialised e-commerce training. Among Human Level Training’s options you will find online, on-site and in-company e-commerce courses covering the aspects of logistics, payment methods, domain choice, and much more. It’s a multi-level training and it is suitable for both SMEs and big corporations.

E-commerce courses have one double session: theory, to learn everything you need to carry out specific tasks; and practice, where you’ll learn to put into play what you’ve learnt and to solve any possible question you may have throughout the process. Additionally, you will be able to download the video session recordings, and all the documentation used in this course.

Human Level Training’s e-commerce courses strive to be the perfect complement to help you push your business further or to carry to term a business idea you’ve always had, taking as little risks as possible.

Cursos de estrategia


Human Level online marketing courses cover a wide range of disciplines, from the most technical to the most strategic ones. It is crucial for directors, team leaders, project managers, or freelancers to be appropriately trained in concept, definition and execution of a business strategy. The aim of this specialised online marketing training is the acquisition of basic knowledge, to be able to evaluate or supervise the development of a project on the Internet, whether it’s for SEO campaigns, web development or social media. Sign up to our strategy courses and learn to define your own online marketing plan.
Cursos de posicionamiento en buscadores

SEO and web positioning

If you’re looking for a good SEO course, keep an eye on this section of Human Level Training. As one of the pioneering SEO agencies in Spain, we have the experience and necessary knowledge to pass them on in a clear and concise way. Amongst our online marketing training courses we offer a wide range of SEO courses. Get ready to successfully carry out a website migration or an effective keyword research, learn to write content optimized for search engines and more.
Cursos de programación

Programming and technical SEO

Online marketing training can also focus on more technical aspects. A web developer can be a great ally in many tasks related to online marketing. Throughout these courses you will learn the most basic programming concepts, accessible for less technical profiles; as well as more complex aspects only suitable for developers and specialists. In any case, our training in technical SEO and programming will help you to understand specific processes, specialise in SEO and other fields to become more self-sufficient.

Other services and digital marketing courses

Besides online marketing courses, there are other ways to acquire more knowledge and skills, catering to other audiences and needs. We are talking about in-company courses. This training model is generally imparted in business facilities, institutions or any other organisation that requests it. It encourages attendance of all the employees and members of an organisation, guaranteeing comfort and accessibility that other methods do not offer. Moreover, this sort of courses are entirely custom-made. Once requested, they completely adapt to the client, taking into account their shortfalls, doubts and needs.

In-company courses

In-company training

Human Level Communications’ in-company courses are specific training sessions for companies, adapted to their needs and deficiencies.
Congresses and events training

Congresses and events

We frequently attend renowned congresses, seminars and other events as speakers and as part of the audience, which gives us the possibility to be always on top of the latest developments and discoveries made by leading companies worldwide.