What is Yandex?

Yandex is one of the most used search engines by Russian-speaking people, reaching up to 60% of users. Not only it is used in Russia, as one might think, but it is also largely popular in other countries like Kazakhstan, Belarus, or Ukraine.

Yandex Direct is the platform that the Russian company has designed for sponsored ad management. The system accepts both text and display (banners) ads, so that advertisers can choose the best way to advertise their products and services. The management of ads is similar to that of Google AdWords, although, of course, it has its own peculiarities, like premium spaces within search results, which correspond to the most visible positions in the SERP.

Yandex campaigns are perfect for promoting interesting products and services in Eastern European countries. Some of the most demanded areas are real-estate, healthcare, or tourism, as well as a relatively recent demand for cosmetic surgery services.

The advantages of advertising on Yandex

Focussed on Russian-speaking users

Thanks to Yandex, we will be able to reach 60% of Russian-speaking Internet users.

Text or display ads

Ads can be either text or display (banners), allowing us to choose the best way to reach potential customers.

Choose your ad placement

Yandex Direct allows us to choose the area where we want our ads to be published, in order to get more visibility.

Adjustments regardless of budget

It’s possible to carry out different budget adjustments in each ad, which means having a greater control over our investment.

How do we work Yandex campaigns?

Keyword research is essential in Yandex campaigns. At Human Level we rely on native-born staff to perform this research and to obtain excellent results.

Depending on the goals, we study the strategy and adapt it to get the maximum performance out of the campaigns.

We analyse, propose and translate landing pages to which ads are pointing, so that the content users see is exactly what they are looking for.

We analyse the data provided by the Yandex Direct platform to optimize the results and reach set goals.