What is retargeting?

Retargeting is a marketing technique that consists in displaying specific ads to users who had previously visited a web page. Although Google has renamed this term to ‘Remarketing’, other advertising networks that are not related to Google continue to use the former denomination.

Retargeting is particularly important within the e-commerce sphere, as users tend to search and compare a product in several different stores, and they’re likely to get sidetracked and become confused given the vast variety of existing offers. It’s a vital support that helps the user to choose our store and encourage them to make the purchase. Moreover, we can also create specific promotions, depending on the conversion stage, providing additional value and facilitating the entire process until the user completes the purchase.

Each advertising network has its own different policies, and some of them are more restrictive than others. Certain networks accept products and services Google restricts entirely, something that makes these other networks indispensable to carrying out a full marketing strategy. This allows us to capture users who visited our website, did not make a conversion, and thus are our potential customers.

The advantages of retargeting campaigns

Profit capturing

Retargeting campaigns have a lower capture cost, because users are already familiar with the page they’re visiting, making the trust degree higher. This translates into more conversions at a lower cost.

Less restrictive policies

Depending on the advertising network, we can find some which are less restrictive and accept working with certain topics that others do not.

Strengthens the brand image

Periodically displaying ads related to our brand boosts our visibility and strengthens our image in the eyes of our users.

Conversion growth

Thanks to retargeting, we can obtain conversions that otherwise we wouldn’t get, because we didn’t back up the promotion during the conversion process.

How do we manage affiliate campaigns?

We display effective advertising only to select users who showed a particular interest in your product or service.

We personally supervise the creation of ad designs, to adapt them to the advertising website and to achieve the best results.

We analyse the obtained results to later optimize the campaigns and to further improve the outcome.

We provide monthly reports, so that our clients have all the information on the evolution of the campaign.