What does a Google AdWords account audit entail?

A Google AdWords account audit entails a thorough analysis and verification by expert and Google-certified staff who manage campaigns on this advertising platform on a daily basis. Thanks to this thorough analysis of the most important areas of your account we will be able to detect deficiencies affecting its performance directly resulting in a decrease in profitability and success of the campaigns.

Our work plan consists of a proper revision of the most important areas of the account, which allow campaigns to work in a profitable and efficient manner.

The most important check points are:

  • Objectives and strategy.
  • Account, campaigns and ad groups.
  • Ads and keywords.

The analysis is carried out keeping in mind the strategy, the investment budget, and the established goals.

The main purpose of this audit is to correctly identify the problems your account is suffering from. These will be reflected in a thorough report, organised by sections.
If we detect any deficiencies through the analysed check points, we will provide recommendations to solve or improve the identified issue(s).

The advantages of carrying out a Google AdWords account audit

Detecting problems

The audit of a Google AdWords account will detect the fundamental issues getting in the way of achieving better results.

Finding solutions

Besides identifying these issues, and in order to improve the results of the account, our experts will provide recommendations and execute the best possible measures to solve each and every problem.

Improving the quality of the account

The application of the recommended solutions to the campaigns will make them more efficient, which will, in turn, improve the quality of the account, reducing costs.

Increasing ROI

More efficient campaigns will improve the quality of the account. This will allow for an increase in conversions with lower cost, resulting in a bigger return on investment.