Ad campaign management on Facebook and other social networking services

What is a Facebook Ads campaign?

Facebook is the biggest social networking service in the world with over 2 billion users from all over the globe, the purpose of which is to share information with people we know. Within the many paid advertising tools there exist, Facebook has its own sponsored ads tool.

Sponsored ads on Facebook are banners, which we can either see on the right side of our screen, or on our newsfeed, when we’re browsing the timeline. Moreover, we can also sponsor posts on a business page, as well as product catalogues, videos, etc.

Facebook sponsored ads are based on the Pay-Per-Click model, or the Pay-Per-View model in case of videos. Advertisers only pay for clicks effectively generated by the ad, which end up as visits to a website, or purchases.

What is the purpose of a Facebook Ads campaign?

With this kind of campaigns it’s possible to obtain a larger volume of highly-qualified visits at a low cost, thanks to the great targeting possibilities this tool offers. This, in turn, helps to improve branding in the eyes of customers belonging to one of the biggest social networking platforms in the world.

What results can you expect?

With a Facebook Ads campaign you can obtain visitors who may turn into customers, those being users who are active on this social networking platform. If you think your target audience frequently uses Facebook, sponsored ads are the best tool to obtain customers in a low cost and measurable way.

The best thing about Facebook Ads is that it enables us to condition our ads to appear only for specific age and gender groups, people living in a particular geographic location, as well as segmentation by interests, devices, operating systems, etc. For example, we can set our ad to be seen only by women from 25 to 35 years old living in Spain who have a university degree.

Another important advantage of advertising on Facebook is that its Cost-Per-Click is lower than those traditionally registered by any other sponsored ad campaign in search engines, namely Google, Yahoo!, etc.

How will Human Level help you to achieve this?

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