What are YouTube ads?

YouTube is a web platform based on videos acquired by Google in 2006. It’s the second most used search engine on the Internet, so its importance has been more than proved internationally. Thanks to Google AdWords we can benefit from its popularity to promote our brand, products or services in a way that wasn’t possible before YouTube ads came to existence.

Due to the YouTube platform and its community’s peculiarities, advertising here is very different to the Google Search or Google Display methods. In this case, most creative designs are based on videos, which usually have a very high information gathering and retention capacity. Advertising connects with users, going from being a simple ad to a motivational experience.

YouTube ads often have a great impact on users, due to their great ability to connect with their audience. Their high segmentation power is capable of directing ads at a very specific audience, which translates into a higher efficiency. Moreover, YouTube has a specific tool for results measurement, called YouTube Analytics, which will help us measure our results and optimise our ads accordingly.

The advantages of YouTube Ads

Connecting with users

Ads on YouTube are capable of connecting with users and transmitting emotions.

High segmentation ability

Ads can be directed at a very specific audience, based on their age, gender, location or interests.

Extensive visibility of the ads

Ads can be seen by a large number of users, which enables a wider broadcast of the advertising message.

Special measurement tool

A different platform requires a special tool to measure and optimize the results.

How do we work ad campaigns on YouTube?

Obtaining the best performance out of YouTube campaigns is our priority. For that reason, first we need to establish certain objectives, towards which we can direct our advertising efforts to achieve the best results.

Ads are very important in YouTube campaigns, because depending on their quality the message will reach and impact users enough to be remembered by them.

We direct the campaigns to the most suitable audience, according to their interests, age, gender or location, to find the user who could be more interested in your ad.

Besides the data gathered by Google AdWords, we use YouTube’s own analytics tool, YouTube Analytics, which helps us to analyse the data and obtain interesting conclusions to optimize the campaigns.