What is Remarketing on Google AdWords?

Remarketing on Google AdWords is one of the best ways to win back relevant users. With remarketing, our ads are shown to those users who have already visited our website, bolstering the impact of our brand and its products or services.

The possibilities of remarketing are very diverse, because we can specify conditions in which different ads are displayed, adapting them to many user groups. For example, we can show an ad with a special promotion to a user who visited our online store and added a product to their cart, but didn’t go through with the purchase. When a user adds a product to their shopping cart, they demonstrate their interest in a particular product in our store, and this promotion can help that user to complete the conversion.

Remarketing usually has a low conversion cost, because when we reach out to quality users who have already visited our website, it is much easier to convert them. Moreover, the impact on a brand level is very powerful, due to the continuous repetition of ads, which help users to remember our brand.

The advantages of Remarketing campaigns

High conversion power

They are directed to users who have already visited our website, meaning they are already interested in the products and services we offer.

Low acquisition cost

We can get low cost conversions thanks to the Display Network and to showing our ads to quality visitors.

User recovery

They help us recover users who have accessed our website, but do not remember where they’ve seen the service or product they are interested in.

Strengthen your branding

When used correctly, they can greatly bolster your branding because users keep seeing the ads, which helps them to remember the advertiser.

How do we work Remarketing campaigns?

We create specific lists based on the performance and goals of each project.

We configure your campaigns so as to get enough visibility, but not so much as to cause a negative effect on the user.

We create ads specially designed for each group of users, because not all users are the same.

Analysis and optimization are essential for Remarketing campaigns to achieve the expected results.