What is Google Shopping?

Shopping is the name Google uses to call its price comparison tool. It’s a product search engine that compares price, shipping costs and total price for a particular product using the information provided by the many online stores that are selling it and are connected to the Shopping platform. Ads are specifically designed for online stores, and usually provide excellent results.

One of its strongest suits is visibility, because besides having its own listings page, Shopping results appear in Google Search results at the top or the top right corner of the SERPs, for relevant search queries.

The viewing format is entirely different to that of search ads, as it contains the name and price of the product, the name of the store, and most importantly, a picture of the product, which ultimately makes the ad more attractive and visible.

Another one of its strengths is the CPC cost, which is usually low, as opposed to search ads. In general, they also offer better results.

Google is gradually integrating this platform one country after the other, and it is currently available in Spain, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, Japan, Italy, The Netherlands, Brazil, Switzerland and Czech Republic.

The advantages of Google Shopping ads

Great visibility for your ads

Ads enjoy great visibility, thanks to the product image being published in the search results.

Excellent relevance

Ads are displayed in Google Search results, so we know that the user previously searched for this exact product or a very similar one.

Low cost

The Cost-Per-Click is usually very reasonable, and thanks to their excellent relevance, Google Shopping ads turn out to be very profitable.

Great number of visits

Thanks to the relevance and visibility of these ads, you will enjoy a higher volume of visitors, making the online store better known.

How do we work Google Shopping campaigns with AdWords?

We check that the products to be promoted are fit for purpose. For example, by publishing only those products that are in stock.

We segment the products taking into account the country, profitability, brand, etc. to have a greater control over them and optimise them accordingly.

We analyse the results obtained by the ads, to know, for example, what’s been sold, which products are profitable and which aren’t.

Thanks to the prior analysis we can establish which products are profitable and which are not. With this data, as well as locations, devices and other information provided by the platform, we optimise the campaigns to accomplish maximum profitability.