The Google Search Network on Google AdWords

What is the Search Network on Google AdWords?

The Google Search Network on AdWords is the group of search-related websites where we can display ads related to search queries carried out by users. Amongst these are Google’s own websites, namely its search engine, as well as Google Shopping, Maps, Images, and other associated pages and services, known as search partners.

To understand this more easily, we have the following example:

  • UA user searches “washing machine repair”.
  • The search results will display ads of businesses offering the washing machine repair service.
  • Additionally, ads of other partnering websites could appear, offering relevant content related to the search query. For example, a household tips blog.
Ads published on the Search Network are generally very effective in terms of accomplishing goals, as they always appear for relevant search queries, that is to say, when a user is looking for a service or a product. Moreover, they usually achieve great visibility, thanks to their situation at the top of the results or in the top-right corner; and wide broadcast, thanks to search partner websites.

The advantages of the Search Network

Focussed on potential customers

Focussed on potential customers

Ads will be displayed to an audience interested in the product or service.
Segmentation by location

Segmentation by location

Ads will be displayed to users who are located within the chosen geographic area only.
Quick way to obtain visitors

Quick way to obtain visitors

Your ads will appear in the search results only a few minutes after being published, bringing visits of potential customers with them.
Measurement of results

Measurement of results

The results obtained with the campaign are easily measurable with monthly reports.

How do we work Search Network campaigns?

Profitable campaigns

Our goal at Human Level is to create profitable Search Network campaigns, with a positive ROI.

With a viability study we can get information on our competitors, the approximate cost of each campaign and the search volume. This data enables us to have a rough picture of the results we could obtain before we begin our investment.

We analyse and propose improvement measures for your landing pages, so that they provide the information users are looking for and to make them easier to use.

We design the campaigns optimally structuring them into ad groups and creating relevant ads to obtain the best results from the beginning.

We periodically analyse all the data provided by the platform. Using this data we optimize the campaigns and ads to achieve the highest conversion rate possible.