Google Display Network in Google AdWords

What is the Display Network in Google AdWords?

The Google Display Network on AdWords is made up of millions of websites, videos and applications that serve as an advertising medium for displaying ads. These are shown depending on the established keywords, topics, interests, locations and demographic data. The types of ads available for this network are: graphic ads (banners), video ads and text ads. The primary use of the Display Network is brand development and reaching a bigger audience.
The best way to understand how the Display Network can help to the achievement of goals is with an example:

This is how a newly created car washing business in Valencia could use the Display Network:

  • By creating relevant and striking ads to attract customers.
  • By adding the “car washing” keyword –amongst others– in the campaign configuration.
  • By identifying relevant websites in Valencia where your ads could appear –for example local newspapers– and these websites would be added as locations.

Thanks to the Display Network the car washing business will obtain visitors and immediate visibility to make its company known.

The advantages of the Google Display Network

Wide broadcast

Wide broadcast

By having a more extensive network of websites, your ads will be widely broadcast and viewed by millions of users.
Great reach at a low cost

Great reach at a low cost

An important advantage of the Display Network over the Search Network is that, in general, it has a lower CPC.
User segmentation

User segmentation

The Display Network user segmentation is very powerful. For example, you could define a campaign for men from 35 to 44 years old who are interested in fishing.
Segmentation by websites

Segmentation by websites

The selection of websites where you can place your ads is one of the strongest suits of this network, especially useful if you already know where you can find your potential customers.

How do we work the Display Network campaigns?

Campaigns with the widest broadcast

Human Level gives your Display Network campaigns the widest broadcast to maximise visibility.

In order to appear on as most websites as possible, we create up to 8 different formats of graphic ads.

Once the campaign is launched, and we have enough data available, we will remove the least relevant websites, to get more viewings on those sites that will give us better results.

We carry out a periodic analysis of the campaigns to optimise them, so that your ads impact your target audience.