Promoting an app on Google AdWords

Apps –or mobile applications– are constantly acquiring an increasing importance for Internet users, due to the mass use of mobile devices. New apps emerge in the market every day, making it more difficult for users to choose the app that best suits their needs. Moreover, with the increase in the number of applications, their global visibility decreases, making it much more difficult to promote a new app or to maintain a certain level of relevance for the apps that have already been in the market for some time.

In order to solve this difficulty, Google AdWords has put at the disposal of advertisers universal app campaigns, enabling us to promote apps for Android OS in the advertising networks of Google Search, Display, and YouTube, through a single campaign.

Additionally, these campaigns can be complemented with other interactive app campaigns, which are shown through the Display network. They are focussed on users that have already installed the app, and who we wish to perform an action on it. This way we can recover users who don’t use the app regularly, even though they have it installed on their devices.

The advantages of promoting apps on AdWords

Visibility boost for the app

An app that is not visible is an app that basically doesn’t exist. With these campaigns we can obtain visibility so that users get to know the app.

Boosting interaction

To be able to encourage users to use our app is another enormous advantage we can enjoy with AdWords campaigns.

User segmentation

Ads will impact users who are more willing to download and use the app.

Download increase

Thanks to AdWords campaigns we can achieve a significant increase in downloads of the app.

How do we work our ad campaigns for apps?

Profitability of campaigns is one of the most important factors for Human Level, and we work to obtain the best results.

We strive to write relevant and optimized ads that users will find attractive.

We study, alongside our client, which could be the best segmentation to impact the most relevant users.

The analysis of data is key to successfully optimize the campaigns and to achieve good ROI.