Advertising campaigns to attract quality traffic

Well-managed sponsored ad campaigns are the ideal tool to get customers to a website in a quick and efficient way. Thanks to the traffic obtained through paid advertising, qualified users –i.e. your prospective customers– will find the advertised website and discover the products and services it offers.

It’s important to keep in mind that sponsored link campaigns complement an SEO strategy, attracting users who are looking for products and services related to the ones we’re offering. It enables us to orient ads to the different combinations of search queries holding a close relation to a business.

This way, the company advertising its services or products will be visible to users carrying out search requests any hour of the day and any day of the year, allowing you to be present in the results next to your competitors.

Moreover, online advertising campaigns are usually highly effective, because present-day platforms allow for a very precise segmentation of the target audience, which helps us to obtain clicks from potential customers interested in our products or services.

The advantages of a sponsored ad campaign

Easy segmentation

Possibility to segment your campaign by countries, regions, time zones, languages, keywords, devices, etc.

Quality traffic… right this instant!

You will obtain a great number of visitors that can be converted into customers in no time.

Measurement of ROI

Possibility to measure the exact return on investment of your campaign.

Total flexibility

Possibility to manage your budget in a flexible way, making the necessary changes in real time to improve your results.

Discovering new markets

Possibility to detect new prospective customers, business opportunities and products, which may be profitable.

Multiple ways of advertising

At Human Level we work with a great number of advertising networks, in order to choose the most suitable ones for our client’s business.

Guarantee of our work

These kinds of campaigns usually prove to be very effective, because advertising platforms allow us to address a very specific target audience, which enables us to focus on our prospective customers.

Despite the many advantages of this strategy, many companies do not obtain the expected profitability out of them, often due to a poor management of the campaign. Creating and efficiently monitoring a sponsored ad campaign in search engines is a task requiring lots of time and experience.

Our goal is to maximise your return on investment. We extract the maximum profitability from the money invested by our client. We improve the conversion rates of the ads, and the conversion rates of the landing pages, resulting in a higher number of customers. The sum of profits obtained through them is higher than the total investment.

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