What results can you expect?

When a website is designed, structured and developed taking into consideration the determining factors that influence web positioning in search engines, it will have a much better chance of ranking in the top results for all search terms related to its content, than a website which has been optimised later on.

For example, identifying the most common expressions used by future visitors of your website is very useful to correctly plan the architecture of a website, the structure of its pages, or the writing of metadata.

Furthermore, the decision to employ one or another programming technology in particular, the selection of a content management system, flash animation use, etc. has repercussions on the future rankings of a website, and they are worth knowing and evaluating beforehand.

The advantages of an SEO consultancy during the development stage

Your website is search-engine-friendly

This will improve the positioning of the initial content of your website, as well as all content added to it in the future.

The URLs of your webpages will be relevant and user-friendly

Besides favouring your website’s ranking, user-friendly URLs will make it easier for visitors to share your content on other websites and social media.

The architecture of your website benefits its ranking in search engines and enhances usability of its most attractive pages

If you place the most attractive pages of your website at a shorter distance from the home page or in the most visible parts of the website, you are helping both users and search engines to find that content more easily.

Search-engine-friendly navigation, menus and links

By providing an easier way for search engines to index all your pages, you are improving the overall relevance of your website and contribute to a more equal popularity distribution throughout its internal pages.
As a consequence, thanks to the SEO consultancy during the development stage, your new website becomes more competitive in the search engine results from the very beginning, achieving top positions for a wide range of search queries related to your website’s content.

Would you like to know more about our SEO consultancy during the development stage?

An SEO consultancy at the moment of design and development of a new website consists of taking into consideration all the determining factors which could influence the future natural positioning of the website. You’re integrating all the necessary improvements from the beginning, which otherwise you would have to build in later during the optimisation process.

The process of search engine optimization on already published websites is often limited by the architecture of the website, the structure of its templates, the available fields in the content manager, server configuration, or the selection of a particular programming language. All these aspects get in the way of an optimal positioning of the content.

To be able to count on the advice of an SEO expert when you are adopting the most crucial decisions regarding your website (architecture, navigation, template structure, URLs) guarantees the possibility to foresee in each and every case its repercussion on search engine rankings, by weighing alternatives and making the best decision.

Generally speaking, the primary goal of an SEO consultancy is to adopt the best possible decisions to guarantee the competitiveness of a website in search engines without compromising any of its other aspects, such as design, usability, or production flow from the beginning. More specifically:

  • To make your future website more easily accessible and crawlable by search engine crawlers This is called website indexability. It means allowing search engines to access all the pages of your website, and to ease the correct classification of your content into the appropriate search categories.
  • To help your website’s architecture to reflect in the best possible way your future visitors’ interests and search habits. It involves placing in the top level of the architecture those pages, which are more interesting and capable of generating the most traffic for your website. This way, the least important pages will be located in lower levels, which will favour better ranking of the most profitable pages.
  • Ability to foresee the repercussions on the future rankings of your website caused by certain decisions like easier programming, design, presentation, or choice of content management system. This way you will be able to weigh alternatives and adopt solutions that will not endanger the competitiveness of your website.

Human Level will participate in the preliminary meetings with your marketing team and your design and web development company, offering advice in terms of the best options from an SEO point of view, regarding architecture, programming, page structure, URL syntax, content manager settings, selection of a programming language, server configuration, etc.

Besides attending the meetings, our task as an SEO consulting agency is to deliver several reports, which vary depending on the nature of your website. At the very least, you will receive the following documentation:

  • Keyword research and identification of the most common search patterns and hierarchies.
  • Initial recommendations report, regarding the following aspects of your future website: architecture, navigation structure, URL syntax, website versions’ management by market or language, breadcrumbs trail, control of content customisation by user profiles and its possible repercussions, etc.
  • Architecture analysis. We will check if the architecture is in tune with the search hierarchy, and whether the names of menus and combinations of terms agree with the most common search patterns.
  • Template analysis, We propose recommendations for your template designs (outlines or prototypes), with regards to heading tags, anchor texts, download order of content blocks, etc.
  • Indexability analysis, Once the website has been published, we run our indexability analysis to check that all recommendations have been correctly interpreted and implemented, and we propose additional improvements where they’re necessary.