SEO competition analysis

What results can you expect?

Being familiar with the SEO competition level in specific areas of business, in order to escalate positions towards the top rankings in search engine results pages, is one of the first conditions to keep in mind during the evaluation of the profitable traffic potential we can obtain with a new website. The Internet can offer a lot of strategic information regarding traffic volume within a specific sector, and the Return on Investment that can be expected from setting your business in motion in that market. Knowing the feasibility of ranking with your website in particular markets is the first step in an SEO project.
Know the demand in search engines within a specific field

Know the demand in search engines within a specific field

We research the demand in search engines for a specific market, the strength of your competition’s ranking, and the approximate amount of time and resources we would have to invest if we aspire to occupy a leading place within a particular category of results.
Evaluation of online entry barriers for a specific industry

Evaluation of online entry barriers for a specific industry

Online competition analysis is the perfect market study to help us make the decision to put in motion an SEO campaign.

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What is the goal of an SEO competition consultation within a specific industry?

The primary goal of an online competition analysis is to assess the traffic volume one particular search category of an industry can provide, make an estimation of ROI that can be obtained if we reach a certain percentage of said traffic, and the comparative strength of the website leading the current results. More specifically, this analysis of SEO competition enables us to:

  • Research the approximate demand for a group of keywords in search engines for a specific market.
  • Ponder on the strength of the leaders within a particular search category to evaluate time and resources needed to get higher rankings.
  • Identify opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses the client could encounter given the present market and competition conditions.
  • Evaluate whether it would be convenient to initiate parallel promotion strategies (SEM, SMO, viral content marketing…) if the rankings we attain are not attractive enough.

An SEO competition consultation consists in analysing the search volume registered by search engines in a specific market and its relation to a certain activity niche. This enables us to determine the maximum size of the market a website can aspire to conquer.

Henceforth, we evaluate the traffic share that is divided amongst the current leaders of this search category and the feasibility of attaining a sufficient market share for the online business to become profitable.

In the framework of an SEO competition analysis Human Level performs the following tasks:
  • Keyword research report through which we identify the client’s industry demand potential. We analyse long tail keywords, competition, most frequently used search patterns, niches of keywords that haven’t yet been covered, etc.
  • Architecture recommendations for the website based on keywords and keyword combinations, establishing the ideal site map to compete within the field.
  • SEO analysis of the ten main competitors for the group of the most relevant search terms.