SEO audit of a published website

What results can you expect?

An SEO audit comprises a comprehensive analysis of all aspects which could be affecting –to a greater or lesser degree– your website’s ranking in search engine result pages.

It detects all possible problems which could be affecting your website’s rankings: hidden content, duplicate content, accessibility and navegability issues for search engine crawlers, lack of relevance or complete absence of meta-data, errors in the navigation architecture and interlinking, poor performance, server configuration issues, SPAM within the content of your website or its external links…

Our SEO audit includes a comprehensive checklist with the following points:

  • Website indexability.
  • Information Architecture.
  • Main template structure.
  • Website’s performance (WPO).
  • Website’s popularity profile.

This audit establishes a diagnosis and provides the optimal solution to each and every one of the detected problems, proposing alternatives where necessary.
The implementation of our recommendations for improvement will be carried out by the developers of the client’s website, with the continuous support and monitoring by the Human Level team.

The advantages of implementing an SEO audit:

An increased number of ranked pages

An increased number of ranked pages

When we get rid of duplicate content and thin content, we focus the search engine crawlers’ efforts on the most relevant pages of your site.
Better ranking of long tail terms

Better ranking of long tail terms

Your website will improve its rankings for a larger range of keywords and search queries, obtaining better positions in the search results.
Ranking improvement for the most profitable content

Ranking improvement for the most profitable content

When we optimise the information architecture of a website, we get better positions in the search results with content that generates the most profit for your business at different times of the year.
Resolution of possible penalties

Resolution of possible penalties

We detect over-optimisation or link building practices done in the past that could put your website at risk of being penalised by the Panda or Penguin algorithm updates.

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What does our SEO audit consist of?

Our SEO audit consists of a checklist including over 70 critical points, which we know could affect the natural positioning of a website. These tests aren’t conducted automatically, instead they are run by an expert consultant capable of identifying and establishing the correlation between problems affecting your website’s rankings in the search engine results, and their most probable causes.

In order to elaborate this report we will need access to tools like Google Analytics or Google Search Console. This access is regulated by a confidentiality agreement guaranteeing our full discretion and the security of your data.

As a result, you will get a comprehensive report with a separate diagnosis for each problem, and the appropriate recommendations in cases where they’re necessary. We also interrelate causes, the concurrence of which could explain certain indexability issues. As a conclusion, we include an executive summary highlighting the most critical aspects which are affecting the rankings of your website more negatively.

Subsequently, we provide our guidance and support service throughout the implementation phase, in which we collaborate with your company’s department of information systems, or your external service provider for the correct implementation of recommendations stated in our report.

If necessary, our company also has experts who can directly implement the proposed improvements on your website.

The primary goal of an SEO audit is to detect issues which could be damaging the optimal positioning of your website: indexability problems, architecture problems, on-page over optimisation, or toxic popularity profiles.

Amongst other things, our SEO audit guarantees that:

  • Your website will be fully accessible to search engines, which will increase the number of indexed pages.
  • Your website won’t have duplicate content problems, which will also improve its indexing and rankings.
  • Your website will have a correct geolocation which will improve its rankings in search engines of different countries.
  • Your server will be correctly configured and work up to its maximum efficiency. This will aid your website’s rankings in the search engine results, as well as improve its response speed and user experience.
  • Your website will have relevant meta-data according to its content: titles, meta-descriptions, structured data, link elements…
  • You website will have a correct navigation architecture to favour an adequate flow of popularity.
  • Your website will benefit from the popularity juice of a great number of inbound links from a variety of domains, avoiding manipulative links.

Using different tools to this end, Human Level will run a full analysis of your website. Once we carry out the SEO audit and establish the required changes to be made, we will provide you with the least intrusive alternatives for the current content and design of your website, taking into consideration in each case the improvement extent with regards to the cost of implementation.

After the SEO audit we will deliver a report with the results and the appropriate recommendations. We will meet with the staff in charge of the implementation to clear up any questions, weigh possible alternatives and solve any problem that may arise during the optimisation process of your website.

If necessary, our own Human Level expert team will be able to undertake the implementation of changes proposed in our SEO audit.

Additionally, we put in-company training services at the disposal of our clients, on the subject of indexability, to departments of information systems, as well as to editors and content managers on the subject of relevance, popularity and viral content marketing campaigns in social media.

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