Our SEO consultancy services are aimed at businesses whose websites have specific needs and they wish to consult with an expert SEO agency to help them with this issue. Many companies who hire our SEO consultancy services already have their own in-house SEOs and marketing team, but sometimes they lack the required experience or know-how to carry out a specific task.

The SEO consultancy focuses on analysing the visibility problem posed by the client, carrying out a correct diagnosis and providing the optimal solution, keeping in mind certain constrictions, such as resources involved, technological infrastructure in use, time, goals, etc.

Most commonly, SEO consultancies deal with:

  • Large website migrations
  • Merging or acquisition of websites
  • Launch of international versions
  • Website architecture redesign
  • Content Management System (CMS) change or upgrade
  • Google penalties or manual actions
  • Unjustified drops in organic traffic
  • Keyword research
  • Clear guidelines for content marketing actions

The audit always begins with the collection of all the necessary information for the analysis. Following this stage, our expert SEO consultants will use all this data to correctly diagnose the problem and design a work plan to reach the set target.

Who can benefit from our SEO consultancies?

In-house online marketing and SEO departments

Those who intend to change any aspect of their technology, their domain, or to launch an internationalisation process, and lack the necessary expertise to make the right decisions avoiding mistakes.

Web Development companies

who despite their expert knowledge on how to develop a website using technology of the highest level, lack the necessary SEO skills to correctly optimize their website for search engines.

External SEO agencies and SEO freelancers

Who may lack the experience or the necessary resources to undertake large projects on an international scale and in several languages.

Companies that don’t have SEO experts in their team

For when they have a specific need or when a problem arises, there isn’t an SEO expert or someone with sufficient technical knowledge at hand, or a person who would be able to propose a solution to this issue. From Human Level we can define a strategy and execute it accordingly, if necessary.

All these companies contact Human Level seeking a second opinion, a thorough audit, or recommendations to decide the most suitable strategy to follow during a website’s most critical moments. These strategies can be internationalisation, migration to a new programming platform or a new domain, creation of a website network, etc.

We work for companies at an international level, where an SEO strategy is essential for business generation. Many of our most important clients have been with us for over five years, which demonstrates our ability to respond to the most demanding goals.

Human Level’s SEO consultancy services

Our highly effective procedures have enabled us to solve all sorts of SEO-related problems. If none of the following SEO consultancy services respond to your needs, do not hesitate to contact us and we will devise a customised work plan to find a solution to your problem.