Positioning campaigns in Google

What results can you expect from an SEO campaign in Google?

An SEO campaign will significantly increase the number of visitors arriving at your website after entering a search query in Google, the most-used search engine in most countries.

They are people who are looking for exactly what you are offering on your website, and have a high probability of becoming your customers, as they’ve already shown their interest in your products or services. For that reason, organic positioning is the least expensive way to obtain quality traffic on the Internet in the long term, encompassing your entire domestic market.

The advantages of a positioning campaign in Google

Increase the number of visitors interested in your products or services

Increase the number of visitors interested in your products or services

By improving your rankings in search engines more visitors will land on your website and become your customers.
Improve your business’ popularity on other websites in your country

Improve your business’ popularity on other websites in your country

With our SEO campaigns we will improve your website’s visibility, favouring that content related to your products and services is referenced on other websites in the same industry, which will earn you more quality visits and boost your popularity.
Boosting your business’ visibility at a national level in a low cost way

Boosting your business’ visibility at a national level in a low cost way

SEO enables us to focus our positioning goal on a particular region and make our business known in the entire domestic market at the same time, allowing us to contact new clients or partners.
Your content caters to the interests and expectations of international users

Your content caters to the interests and expectations of international users

We use your prospective customers’ language to adapt your content to their interests and expectations, which results in better conversion of objectives.

Additionally, if you want to internationalise your business on the Internet, we also have many years of experience working with international SEO campaigns.

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What is natural or organic positioning in search engines?

Natural or organic positioning in search engines is a content, product or service promotion strategy focussed on increasing the visibility of a website in the so called “natural or organic results”, which are returned by a search engine when you enter a search query. This strategy can be focussed on a particular region, and make your business known nationwide at the same time.

Search engines will include your website’s pages in the top results if they consider your content to be interesting for the individual who carried out the search. For that reason, it is important that your users’ location is aligned with your business’. To achieve top rankings in the results your website must comply with the following three conditions:

  • To be indexable, that is, easily accessible by the local search engine bots.
  • To be pertinent, that is, your content must hold an obvious relationship with the searches related to it.
  • To be relevant, that is, your pages must be considered by domestic search engines as “the best” results among your competitors within a particular geographic area.

When a user enters a search query into a search engine –namely Google, Yahoo! or Bing– from their country of residence, it returns a results page (SERP) ordered according to the relevance of each result. Most users will only see the results appearing on the first page. Only a few take a look at the second or third pages, and even fewer go beyond that. For that reason, it is very important that the pages of a website appear as high-ranked as possible for search terms and queries made by your prospective customers and users.

The goal of organic positioning is to make a particular page get the top-most rankings within natural results for search queries related to your content. To make it happen, we essentially pay attention to:

  • Code: Is your website’s code search-engine-friendly?
  • Content: Is your content relevant for your website’s users? Do you use their own language, their own expressions and terms, or do you abuse corporate jargon?
  • Popularity: Is your content popular on the Internet? Do you create original and quality content regularly? Do you share or promote your content in any way?

Human Level applies its own result-generating methodology polished after more than 10 years of experience:

  • Niche markets: We identify who your customers are and what they’re like.
  • Keyword selection: We identify what keywords users enter in search engines to see content, products and services you provide on your website.
  • Indexability analysis: We analyse the code and server technology of your website to detect and eliminate obstacles which might be making crawling your website difficult for search engines.
  • Relevance analysis: We analyse your website’s architecture, structure of pages, and vocabulary, so that its content meets your prospective customers expectations and search habits.
  • Implementation supervision: Depending on each client, we either take care of the implementation of our recommendations made in the indexability and relevance reports, or we provide support and supervise the implementation carried out by your department or an external company responsible for this procedure.
  • We boost your website’s popularity: Once we’ve optimised your website’s content, we impulse its visibility over the Internet, so that other websites belonging to the desired geographic area include links and references towards it. This fuels a natural increase in inbound links and improves your website’s popularity, resulting in better rankings.
  • Web traffic analytics configuration: We set up a web analytics system that will allow you to track the obtained results, and detect improvement opportunities in rankings, conversions…
  • Campaign monitoring: Throughout the campaign we will deliver monthly reports analysing the primary KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of the campaign.
  • Recommendations for improvement. Taking into account your traffic statistics, we detect possible improvement opportunities to further increase quality visits arriving through search engines.

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