Strategy: Online Marketing Plan

Why do you need an Online Marketing Plan?

Promoting a business on the Internet must always start with a goal-oriented strategy or online marketing plan. Human Level collaborates with numerous companies, helping them to draw up a roadmap to successful online projects.

Our online marketing plans facilitate decision making on various aspects, such as: what kind of website is better to develop, on which social networking sites you have to create your corporate profile, what kind of content you should create, and which promotion strategies will be more effective in reaching your goals.

This way, everything you invest in your online presence will be aligned with your marketing goals and your company’s strategic planning.

Strategy: Online Marketing Plan

Online marketing plan guide

If you’re still unsure what is an online marketing plan, here are some of the points it usually includes. This way you will know exactly how it can benefit you.

Initial situation analysis

The aim of this phase is to make up an inventory of what we’ve done to promote our business on the Internet up until now, and what are our online goals now.

During this phase we collect all the key information to get to know the client and their motivations, through briefings and work meetings.

Once we’ve processed all the information provided by the client, we will define a working scenario: current situation of the company, competition, current market trends, targets, etc.

Definition of goals

Every plan must have at least one goal, and our online marketing plan is not an exception. Goals can be very different: to increase our website traffic by 15%, to increase our turnover by 5%, to increase our subscriber database by 2.000 contacts, to open a new online distribution channel, to study the potential of opening up to a new market in another country…

Promotion strategy

Once the initial situation, target, goals and available resources are all clear, we will choose the most appropriate online marketing strategy for our scenario.

Web development

Our website is the company’s headquarters on the Internet. We analyse the available website to verify that it is indexable, usable, social, accessible and compatible. I.e., a website that is easy to browse and use, that is well-positioned in search engines, in permanent touch with social media and browsable from multiple devices.

SEO (Web positioning in search engines)

This promotion strategy is suitable if we’re looking to get a higher level of visits, and to maintain or increase it at medium to long term. This tactic generates traffic at a lower cost.

PPC (Sponsored ads)

Thanks to this strategy we will get quality traffic from the very moment we start investing in it. It is particularly recommended in the initial stages of a new online business, or in order to strengthen visibility in times of higher sales volume.

E-mail marketing (Newsletters and promotional e-mails)

The goal of e-mail marketing is to act like a direct promotion channel, with our client database to build customer loyalty, increase its lifecycle and its value for our business.

Social Media

This strategy allows us to be closer to our clients. We listen and communicate with our clients as frequently as necessary, using the appropriate tone, in order to generate a satisfactory perception of our brand.

Discover the advantages of our online marketing plans

Turns your expense into an investment

Turns your expense into an investment

Stop wasting money on the latest “trendy tool” (SEO, mailing, social media…) without a defined goal. The online marketing plan draws a roadmap where all our actions are aligned to attain a medium-term goal.
Analysis and measurement to improve results

Analysis and measurement to improve results

An online marketing plan includes a definition of performance indicators to measure how far we are from our goal, and to adopt the necessary measures for improvement.
Identification of the most profitable strategies

Identification of the most profitable strategies

The online marketing plan identifies which promotional strategies will be the most efficient to reach our goal over the established period of time with the lowest possible investment.
Alignment of the online activity with the company’s marketing-mix

Alignment of the online activity with the company’s marketing-mix

The online marketing plan aligns your business’ online activity with its general strategic planning, making the most of possible synergies with promotional tactics used in other media.