Since 2001 we have worked on hundreds of SEO and PPC projects. Our clients belong to a wide variety of industries –big corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises, online media publishers, e-commerce stores, real-estate, directories, etc.– through whom we’ve acquired an enormous experience.

We’ve executed SEO campaigns for a variety of target audiences, transferring our SEO experience to other languages and user profiles, at both national and international levels, in up to 10 different languages and 38 different countries.

We’ve been able to effectively position websites in a great variety of collaboration scenarios: static and dynamic websites, different kinds of content management systems, websites developed by us as well as by other companies, websites in development, already published websites undergoing migration, or in the process of international expansion.

In all these cases we were able to understand technical, organisational or budget limitations, and we’ve made the most out of every opportunity to achieve the best possible results.

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